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Can't Sleep: Apps To Help

When you can't sleep, for some can bring on the same anxiety as a call with your boss who just said, 'we need to speak'.

For some, including me, it comes in phases. A few weeks I'll be completely fine going to sleep. Other weeks I'll have one night where I can't asleep and then it gets in my head for the next few nights or even a week where for the life of me, I can't sleep.

Almost like watching a professional tennis player fall apart after they get caught up in their own thoughts. Yes, I did just compare myself to a professional athlete and I make no apologies.

What have you tried when you can't sleep?

Laughscape is an Australian made mindfulness and sleep app - which has comedians telling bedtime stories.

What I've worked out recently is there are tools and tactics out there which help those who can't sleep. Not a one fix all tool, which I thought was the way...

Just like some like to swim for exercise and others think it's weird to get into a giant tub of water with strangers and prefer boxercise. The same goes for when you can't sleep and sleep apps.

Some prefer the serious tones of a elite Hollywood celebrity or someone who does silent retreats in Bali 5 times a year. the Laughscape App is a new app which uses the fundamentals of mindfulness and adds some of Australia's best comedians.

Download and listen for free on iOS & Android or search 'Laughscape' in your app store.

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