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Laughscape is taking the piss without taking the piss at the same time, if that makes sense. We are serious about not taking life too seriously - which we take very seriously. 


Founders Max and Lia, who are an engaged couple with young two daughters have been working in the Australian TV and comedy industry for the last decade. A makeup artist and a full time idiot, the duo have been honing their craft and working with some insanely talented... talent throughout the years.


An interest in keeping their own heads right and checking in with their mates mental health is one of the more important purposes the duo prioritise. They found that most outlets focusing on mental health were kind of intimidating, serious, often not Australian and not really relatable. It wasn’t vibing with them or their mates and that’s when an idea sparked.


During Victoria’s 100+ day COVID-19 lockdown the pair began to think if there was a way of taking the fundamentals of mindfulness and adding a comedic hook. Using their network they began recording Comedy Sleep Stories & Daily De-Stressors, both features on Laughscape. They found it to be one of the best processes they had ever been involved in. Comedians understood and flourished in the process with overwhelmingly positive results for them personally and the sessions they recorded. Sending links to friends the concept was validated  when friends began saying things like ‘I pissed myself and then next thing I knew it was the morning’ and ‘I legit stop thinking of anything else, I love it’. They had that fork in the road moment, ‘do we fully commit to this or go back to what we’re doing?’ They picked the former!


App development was never a route the pair ever considered in life. They’ve had those ‘app ideas’ at the pub with mates but then wake up and realise it was a terrible idea. This one continued to feel like not a bad idea and the pair were silly enough to link up with one of  Australia’s best app development companies. A crazy unique experience of fleshing out features, testing Laughscape 1.0 and coding out pesky bugs.


Keeping mental health in the green zone and providing a platform to help those struggling with stress, turning off and/or falling asleep is all that matters in this app! It’s not trying to be anything more or less and hope you enjoy it.

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Laughscape isn’t all based on science, I’m sure we could fund some biased study which shows  positive results connecting comedy with mindfulness but we haven’t. The founders want to bridge the gap between doing nothing healthy for your brain and full blown mediation. 


Doing nothing healthy for your brain are things like drinking alcohol at night to turn off or for escapism. We all know the negative effects of alcohol including cloudiness, bad sleep and health side effects. Excessive screen time before bed, whether it’s a TV show to drift off too or scrolling social media endlessly which has been designed to make sure you stay on the platform, it can sometimes feel like a cruel trap.


The other end of the spectrum is full blown meditation. We know it’s good for us but can seem hard and unattainable to jump in and pick up immediately. Max and Lia felt their minds drifting off as they did these and experienced their minds drift back to their day to day problems.


Laughscape is taking the calm and relaxing tones of meditative music and voice but allowing comedians to take you on wild and wonderful journeys all with the aim that you pay attention to the story and not stress and overthink, helping you throughout the day and falling asleep at night.




Hey legend! Hope you’re doing well. Just here to mention a couple of things. Thank you for being somewhat interested enough to read up until this point! Hard to commit to reading things on a website these days. 


We are so bloody passionate about this app and keen to keep improving the features, the sessions and the talent YOU want to experience. We won’t know what you want unless you let us know and then we can book comedians (or sporting legends or anyone OR anything… If you want to hear a Gallah squawk for 20 minutes - we’ll make it happen!) Same with features, if you a button which gives you favourites or a button which delivers ice-cream with one click*, we’ll make it happen!


Email me or


We know it’s not perfect and nothing is perfect but we will continue on the pursuit of perfection all day, everyday!


*I’ve been told I can’t guarantee the one click ice-cream thing, sorry.


Much love,


Max Price

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