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For world peace, obviously. 




If we don’t achieve world peace our fallback is just as important: Making the Laughscape App the new ‘go to’ for those struggling with stress, overthinking and insomnia.


It’s our belief that life is better without stress and better sleep. We are incredibly committed to throwing our hands up and saying - if you haven’t found your healthy ‘thing’ to cope with stress and poor sleep - give Laughscape a go.


It’s cliche but we’ll say it anyway, if we help one person calm down through the day or one person fall asleep smiling, even laughing - it’d make our world.




In an industry devastated by lockdowns, cancelations and rescheduling we are hoping to play a small part to help.


With premium subscriptions, we continue to support our comedy mates and talent we’re yet to meet by having them come in to record new Comedy Sleep Stories & Daily De-Stressors for Laughscape members.


Who we get, will be up to Laughscape members! We want to ensure we’re continually adding new sessions and therefore booking comedians/entertainers regularly. Possibly to the point where Laughscape are a semi-regular gig for your favourite comedians.


But in saying all this, world peace is our priority for now. 

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