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  • What are 'Comedy Sleep Stories'?
    These are long winded, fictional, humourous journies by some of Australia's best comedians. Soundmixed with relaxing meditive music. It's aim is to prevent listeners from overthinking and/or stressing which can often lead to poor sleep and a lack of ability to 'turn off'.
  • What are 'Daily De-Stressors'?
    These sessions are aimed to help listeners calm down from day to day stress points. Think of it like a good friend pulling you aside to lower your stress levels with their own experience and making you try and see the lighter side of the situation.
  • How often are new sessions uploaded?
    We're aiming to upload about 1-2 sessions every week as we make contact with more and more comedians who would be interested in recording with Laughscape. We're always actively looking for comedians so let us know who you'd like to listen to!
  • Are the sessions medically backed by science?
    Technically, no. We have done 100's of hours of research of the importance of sleep and the benefits of laughing - we believe science would back Laughscape - we are too young as an app to fund studies. It's something we will do and incorporate those findings into future Laughscape sessions.
  • Why does it cost money to listen to all of Laughscape's library?
    As a family business we outlayed everything to build this. Software development, maintenance and regular updating is very expensive. Even this website wasn't free to make! We are also continually re-investing money from subscriptions to book more and more comedians. Supporting an industry we love and making sure we continually have new sessions for Laughscape users. We will be building new features that help users deal with falling asleep and stress. We'd love your input!
  • Where should I send a media enquiry?
    We'd love to chat to you - please send an email to
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